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How to earn bitcoins with your phone - the best apps for earning cryptocurrency

There has been a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies in recent years. This popularity is due to the relatively easy way to earn bitcoins. A good profit can be made by having a budget-friendly mining farm at hand. Let's look at a few apps that will help you earn bitcoins on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

Cryptocurrency earning on your phone

It wasn't long ago that VTS was something new and obscure. The rapid popularization of cryptocurrencies has led to the fact that tokens can now be used to pay bills, make purchases, and even tip. A new problem has arisen: to do this, you need to withdraw your funds to a wallet. However, the minimum withdrawal amount at services is usually large, and you have to withdraw all at once. However, the minimum amount of withdrawal at services is usually large, and you have to withdraw all at once.

Good thing about earning bitcoins via phone. The limit for withdrawal from applications is much smaller. But it's enough to pay for services and buy small goods.

Cryptocurrency earning on the phone in different ways:

  • games;
  • cranes;
  • mining
  • gambling on stock exchanges.

Hardcore lovers

Mining has become more difficult than it was 10 years ago. However, the variety of ways to mine cryptocurrency is growing. You can even mine on your cell phone. How? The same way as on PC - download the application, load up the processor and wait for the result.

ARM Miner is a popular app for mining tokens. It requires you to specify the number of cores whose power will be used for mining. It is the only application for direct bitcoin mining, however it does not provide high power and is quite unstable. ARM Miner is a popular app for mining tokens.

MinerGate - considered to be the best app for mining crypto via smartphone. It can be used on both Android and iOS. The app works through the pool of the same name. However, it is not possible to mine bitcoin directly through it: among the available currencies are Bytecoin, Dash, Monero, Fantom, which can then be exchanged for VTS within the application.

Mining on the phone is no fun. Very low processing power, high battery consumption and constant overheating. With these disadvantages, only hardcore old-school fans will engage in mining. However, if you have an old cell phone, just put it on a charger and turn on permanent mining. Let the coins slowly drip away.

Get Fun, Get Rest, Get Earned

Smartphone games can be a good distraction at any time. And to play while getting money for it is twice as pleasant! Of course, bitcoin games in the network are not so much, but they are quite interesting. In them you can get stuck for a long time. And when you know that the time spent in the game is paid in cryptocurrency, it becomes harder to close the application.

Earn Bitcoins on your phone with Android Games

Easy and fun games for everyone: Bitcoin Flapper, Bitcoin Crush, Golden Tea and others

  1. Bitcoin Flapper. Remember the mass frenzy when Flappy Bird was popular? Probably, you do, because at that time all over YouTube was flooded with videos with records in this game and imitations of nervous breakdowns because of it (who knows, maybe they were real breakdowns). Now you will have more motivation, and therefore the nervous system is better to strengthen. Earnings depend on the distance traveled. You can participate in PvP and get Satoshi for defeating your opponent.
  2. Bitcoin Crush. An analogue of the well known Treasures of Montezuma or Candy coin Crush Saga series. The task is to remove coins by moving them and creating lines of the same coins. You will be rewarded with 2,000 Satoshi after you complete all levels.
  3. Golden Tea. I don't think you will find this game very exciting, but if you liked playing Farm Frenzy before, you will like this one. Here you will be able to feel like a real bitcoin gardener. The task is to plant bushes and monitor their growth. You get a few dozen Satoshi for each bush.
  4. Alien Run. A runner game for Android owners. A simple and addictive game in which the main task is not to fall. You are a small alien who runs through a tunnel with obstacles and precipices. Along the way there are bonuses and boosters. Profits depend on the distance covered.

Earn bitcoins on your phone with iOS games

No need to worry about the fact that there aren't many games for this operating system. The options are out there, which means you get both coins and enjoyment from the process. You don't have to worry about the fact that there aren't many games for this operating system.

  1. Blockchain Game A game where you build a tower of blocks. The reward is directly proportional to the number of blocks. Before the game, you spin a wheel, which generates the game mode. Depending on the mode, you need to score a minimum number of blocks. Also, the score increases with the number of games played. This game is also available on Android.
  2. Bitcoin Aliens. The game is a kind of time-killer. To earn Satoshi, you have to choose the alien you want to destroy and just poke the screen until it dies. The difficulty is that he moves around the screen and it's quite difficult to hit him. For each alien, you get between 5 and 50 Satoshi. There is also a 50 Satoshi bonus for watching videos. Withdrawal is automatic, every Tuesday, if you have 20,000 Satoshi on your balance.
  3. Sarutobi.This game will obviously not appeal to vegetarians and supporters of Green Peace. You literally have to throw the monkey as far away as possible. It is somewhat reminiscent of YetiSports. Exactly the same way, the throwing distance increases by getting the monkey on bonuses. It is necessary to correctly calculate the strength and trajectory of the flight. The amount of profit depends on the amount of time spent in the game.

How to earn bitcoins on your phone using cranes

Bitcoin faucet is a clicker site or app where you have to go at a certain period of time and take a certain amount of Satoshi. Such projects pay coins from advertising revenue. But the income is miserable.

For example, rewards from 20 to 50 Satoshi every hour. There are also other resources.

Claim Multi Faucet

This is a selection of proven cryptocurrency cranes on your phone. Just accumulate the minimum amount to withdraw at each site and transfer to your wallet. Features:

  • Works only on Android
  • Has more than 50 cranes
  • Works without ads
  • Has a tracking mode.


This is another collection of VTC cranes. The app has surveys and tasks that pay in Satoshi.


  • Only for Android;
  • Knowledge of English is required;
  • Many alternative ways to earn money
  • Comfortable withdrawal.

How to earn bitcoin on your phone on exchanges

This way of mining cryptocurrency is very complicated and requires some knowledge. Here you will have to conduct a thorough analysis and even take risks. Financial losses are possible, but if successful, you can make a nice cryptocurrency capital.

The following mobile bitcoin apps can help you earn Bitcoins from your phone on exchanges:

  • zTrader is one of the best smartphone apps that allow you to trade on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The client supports over a hundred electronic currencies as well as 17 different exchanges. One can invest assets in a particular cryptocurrency and then sell it when the price goes up. zTrader provides a person with a detailed overview of the current market situation so that correct forecasts can be made. By using this client, it is possible to trade simultaneously on several exchanges, switching quickly between them. The advantage of zTrader, besides being easy to use, is that your API keys are kept as secure as possible, so no one else has access to your finances.
  • Lawnmower is a very good bitcoin app for Android and iOS. It allows you to invest in, buy and sell a specific cryptocurrency. You must have at least $5 in your account in order to work. The app periodically makes an analytical report on your account so you can keep track of how things are going. An account is not created in the program itself. For this, the service Coinbase is used.

Worth highlighting separate applications to monitor rate fluctuations:

  • Blockfolio is a handy application that tracks rate fluctuations and all news on exchanges. You can set it to send you a notification when the value of your digital currency reaches a specific threshold.
  • Bitcoin Paranoid is another useful assistant for the person trading on the exchange. This program tracks Bitcoin's exchange rate against your local currency. Notifications can come to your smartphone every 10 seconds. You can set longer periods (once a minute, every 15 to 60 minutes).

Purses for one platform

Earned coins need to be stored somewhere. There are bitcoin wallets for this purpose, which can be installed directly on your smartphone.

Bitcoin wallet

The first free mobile Bitcoin wallet with completely open source code. Several other Android wallets, such as Hive and KnC, were developed based on Bitcoin wallet code. This cryptocurrency wallet is recommended by the official Bitcoin website and is the leader in terms of downloads and functionality:

  • Totally decentralized wallet, which does not require registration on external services to work.
  • It doesn't have its own payment processing servers. The transactions are carried out on the classical scheme p2p.
  • Wallet balance can be displayed in BTC, mBTC or µBTC.
  • Support for Bitcoin exchange to local currencies including Ruble
  • Receives and sends payments via Bitcoin URLs, QR Codes, and NFC
  • Scan paper wallets.
  • In the absence of Internet, payment using Bluetooth, etc. is possible

Benefits: Totally free, open source.

Disadvantages:The open source has not helped. From version to version, the wallet became slower and became overloaded with features that most users never use.


Mobile version of the "lightweight" wallet from a well-known developer. Only compatible with Android. Electrum has long been known to PC users and is recommended by the official Bitcoin website.

The wallet works under the "client-server" scheme: all the main processes take place on the company's servers or on the wallet's own payment server. This allows not to overload the operating system of the smartphone. Special Bitcoind software is provided to create Electrum's own payment server.

Electrum has a well-implemented wallet backup system. The user generates a special code (seed) that just needs to be entered into the program to connect to the server and restore the wallet data from the backup on any device (smartphone, tablet or PC).

Benefits: Wallet from the well-known developer with high quality interface, possibility of creating your own payment server.

Disadvantages: payment data are transmitted for processing to the external servers of Electrum (if not own), that, in theory, may lead to leakage of confidential information.

Coin Pocket

The first mobile Bitcoin wallet to appear on iTunes since Apple changed its policy on cryptocurrencies. The wallet interface is simple and easy to use. But because of this, the functionality has been reduced and only one payment acceptance address is available to the user. Therefore, for those who need maximum privacy of payments, Coin Pocket will not be the best choice. Only one Bitcoin address is available and you can make only one transaction per block. It is not possible to make multiple payments quickly.

Benefits: Simple interface, fast access to standard transactions.

Disadvantages:Only one payment acceptance address.


Simple and convenient interface, support for multiple wallets. Each wallet uses its own set of passphrases and passwords for access and backup. Users can install a copy of any crypto wallet to any device, and use a single password for access. For example, a copy of the wallet can be installed on another iOS device, personal computer, or Android smartphone.

Benefits:Single login passwords, private keys, support for multiple cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages:no web access to wallets.


The app is feature rich and has a simple yet beautiful interface. It's pretty fast, but it does not allow you to create a new address for every transaction, and it does not support PINs. It only works on devices with iOS 7.1 or later.

Benefits: Ease of use, regular private key clearing.

Disadvantages:Works only on iOS 7.1 and later, no new address generation or PINs to sign in or confirm payments.

Useful bitcoin apps for working with cryptocurrency

A person who was able to earn Bitcoin has several options: sell it immediately, wait for the exchange rate to go higher, or keep it in order to use the cryptocurrency to buy goods and pay for services. If you choose the latter option, you will have to find points that accept cryptocurrency on a par with regular money in advance. Two popular apps can help you with this:

  • Bitcoin Map is a service that searches for Bitcoin accepting merchants in your region (city, province). It operates on the basis of OpenStreetMap, as well as Google Maps, so its accuracy is at a high level. The program has a user-friendly interface, you can figure it out in just a couple of minutes.
  • Bitcoin checkout is a service very similar to the previous one. It finds points (both physical and online) where you can pay with Bitcoins. There's another nice thing about it. The app was created by people working for the BitPay payment system. This means that through Bitcoin checkout you can not only search for the right merchants, but also transfer payment to them. Transactions are very fast. The interface is as convenient as possible. In addition, there is a protection against unauthorized attempts to transfer funds.

You found out how you can earn Bitcoins via your phone. We hope the information provided will help you find an option that will allow you to earn your first VC you need to use your phone. We hope you have found what you need to earn your first VC from your phone.


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